Sir Vivian Fuchs off again!

Just a heads-up on today’s UK trip. I’m kissing ‘bye to a sunny 70 in Florida (UK readers may like to muliply by 5 over 9 and subtract 32).   Am I outa my mind? The UK forecast is for snow, Friday with a security alert of code-red! 

Call me “Sir Vivian”.   Sir Vivian Fuch’s departures (he was a post-war UK explorer of some note),  were reported in the press in such headlines as the 1954 Daily Mail headline  I have used as my heading. 

The only reason I am telling you this is so you can look for the next “TheLidOff”  blog entry –  assuming my safe return –  in two weeks time.  So for today, as  Mr. Longworth used to say (more on Mt. Longworth another time): “”Bye sunshine”!


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